Negative Pregnancy Test

When a woman thinks she may be pregnant, it’s a great relief when she gets a negative pregnancy test or her period begins. The crisis is over and many promise to never, “Let it happen again.” This promise can be fulfilled through abstinence (or secondary virginity)! Contrary to popular opinion, people don’t go crazy if they don’t have sex. Abstinence is an option that thousands of young people are choosing today.

Here are just some of the benefits of this commitment:

  • Abstinence is the only 100% effective guarantee that you won’t get pregnant
  • You won’t get an STI
  • You will be spared the heartache and pain that sex often brings to an unmarried person

After a negative pregnancy test, some women become more intent on using contraceptives to prevent future pregnancy and continue being sexually active. Few understand that many women still get pregnant even when using the pill or other means of birth control.

Some young women confess to not even enjoying the sexual encounter but agree to it because they want to be “close” and “feel loved.” Men can easily push for sex as a means of “showing” their love. The woman can feel obligated to in spite of the fact that she feels little pleasure outside of the embrace. They don’t realize that they deserve the best sex ever and that exists inside of a relationship where a man has made a commitment to her in marriage.

Sexual activity outside of marriage has serious risks besides pregnancy. Sexually transmitted infections/diseases (STI/STD) impacts thousands of young people each year.

When you give a precious and most intimate part of your body to someone who isn’t serious about the relationship, you can find yourself alone with a broken heart. Anyone who really cares about you will be willing to wait and not push sexual activity.

Discover all you can about these issues before you make the decision to continue sexual activity. Understand that if you skip a period after sexual activity in the future, your local pregnancy center is still there to help you. It’s a great thing to learn more about abortion before it becomes a possibility in your life. In times of crisis it’s hard to think straight. In spite of your not being pregnant, educate yourself by visiting the other pages on this site or visit your local pregnancy center.

Sydna Masse

Hello, I am Sydna Massé Founder and CEO of Ramah International and the author of Her Choice to Heal. I'd love to keep in touch and include you in our prayer chain as we continue to serve abortion's wounded and those considering abortion.

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