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The Mission of Ramah International includes:

Document all aspects of the post-abortion experience to provide comfort, education, resources, hope and Godly inspiration to those considering or navigating life after abortion,

Directly assist those considering abortion or struggling with Abortion PTSD through direct communication, helpful resources and local referrals,

Raise the overall awareness of abortion’s emotional and spiritual impact and the needs of individuals struggling after abortion,

Provide abortion recovery resources and training seminars necessary to mobilize and equip pregnancy centers, churches and other ministries to minister God’s grace to those considering or wounded by abortion.

Ramah’s Reach

Online Abortion Recovery Resources

Online Abortion Recovery Program


HerChoicetoHeal.com is the first online abortion recovery program to offer the hope of God’s healing to abortion’s wounded hearts around our world.  Due to the privacy needs surrounding this pain, this website is free to use with no log-in requirements.

Each of the 9 featured modules addresses an emotion of abortion pain, providing information and comfort along with healing activities designed to produce enlightenment and peace.

If you, or someone you know, is struggling after abortion, HerChoicetoHeal.com can help!

Abortion Recovery Blog

Ramah’s Voice Blogs/Vlogs are written/narrated by Sydna Massé and document all aspects of the post-abortion experience to provide comfort, education, resources, hope and Godly inspiration to those considering or navigating life after abortion.

If you’ve chosen abortion, or have been impacted by another’s choice to abort, RamahsVoice.com can help bring enlightenment to your heart as well as Godly direction to help strengthen and heal.

Ramah’s Reach

Sydna Speaking

Sydna Massé has been speaking for pregnancy center and pro-life fund-raising events since 1991, helping raise tens of millions in donations for this essential community pro-life effort. Sydna communicates with God’s anointing, sharing her abortion story in a non-graphic manner to help audiences understand why women abort and how visiting a pregnancy center could have changed her mind.

Post-Abortion Bible Study

This year’s banquet marked our 19th annual banquet. We had countless attendees’ comment “This was your best banquet ever”.

Sydna’s presentation was perfect for this year’s Banquet crowd. We would wholeheartedly recommend Sydna Masse as your guest banquet speaker.

Not only did Sydna present a powerful message for life, she also wove a great financial appeal throughout her message!

Rita Willoughby, Executive Director
PRC Lawton, Oklahoma

Ramah’s Reach

Abortion Recovery Resources

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Ramah’s Reach

Post Abortion Bible Study

The Ramah team has been training pregnancy center staff, volunteers, nurses, and church teams since 1992 in effectively reaching the abortion-minded and post-abortive client.

Ramah’s training seminars are affordable, easy to host and will provide your team with a unique perspective that will result in many more lives saved and transformed to the glory of God.

Pregnancy Center Training

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