Core Principles of Ministry

Ramah International recommends that the organization/representatives sponsoring post-abortion outreach programs agree to the following principles:

  1. Not to discriminate in providing their services on the basis of sex, race, creed, age, marital status, or national origin.
  2. To encourage chastity as a positive life choice.
  3. To ensure that ministry representatives are encouraging, personal, confidential and non-judgmental and do not advise, provide or refer for abortion or abortifacients.
  4. In cases of an unresolved disagreement(s) between the leader(s) of the post-abortion outreach program and the class participant(s), a designated person outside of the recovery class will be available to mediate the situation in a Christ-like manner.
  5. To welcome and encourage post-abortion outreach leadership from those who may not have experienced abortion.
  6. To certify that post-abortion outreach representatives are committed to helping men and women find healing in Jesus Christ and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God.
  7. To ensure that post-abortion outreach leaders are trained, monitored and personally agree to the following principles of ministry:
  • That based on Scripture (II Samuel 12:15-23, Matthew 18:10, Psalms 27:10 and Ecclesiastes 6:3-6), the final destination of the soul of an aborted child is with Jesus in Heaven.
  • That the process of forgiving individuals who may have been involved in an abortion choice is essential but an apology from these individuals is not required to facilitate the forgiveness process.
  • To warmly welcome individuals who may have experienced multiple abortions.
  • To remain confidential about the details of the group discussion.
  • To not approach group members in public who are involved in their ministry programs.
  • To pray for each group member and to be available to them outside of the group through e-mail, phone or written correspondence.
  • To not to demand participation in any area of the class.