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Ramah International is blessed to be able to provide training videos of Ramah’s conference workshops, keynote speakers and webinars free of charge. These videos cover varying topics that will help pregnancy resource centers and post-abortion ministries train and equip both new and cover varying topics that will help pregnancy resource centers and post-abortion ministries train and equip both new and veteran workers. Topics addressed are cutting edge and relate to many levels pregnancy resource center ministry including — “Recognizing and Fighting Spiritual Warfare,” “Post Abortion Group Supplemental Tools,” “Post Abortion Syndrome Ministry Within the Church,” “Sharing the Secret of Abortion” and many others. We also offer mp3 audio files from our last three conferences on our audio training library page. Be sure to visit often as we will be adding more video and audio files as time and materials allow.

As always, Ramah International seeks to serve you as economically as possible. We are supported by the tax-deductible donations and the hand of God. Please prayerfully consider a donation to Ramah to assist us in bringing more of these resources to the assistance of those involved in the work to end abortion, one life at a time.


Sydna Massé has been equipping and encouraging pregnancy centers since leading Focus on the Family’s Crisis Pregnancy Ministries (1991-1998) Sydna currently serves as the president of Ramah International and is the author of the book, Her Choice to Heal: Finding Spiritual and Emotional Peace After Abortion.


Coping With Hometown Prophet Syndrome
Overview: Anytime we share from the Bible or stand for a Biblical principle, we are delivering God’s divine message. That makes us all prophets. The Bible relays that prophets weren’t treated well, often ignored, and lived lonely lives. They delivered politically incorrect messages that made people uncomfortable and even angry. Sometimes the message cost them their lives. Seldom were they popular community figures. This “treatment” is what is called “hometown prophet syndrome” (or HPS). Sydna Massé will share practical ways to help you understand this treatment, cope with it and learn to thrive under God’s protective arms.

Sharing the Secret of Abortion
Overview: It is very important element of our work to educate society on the emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical affects of abortion. During this session, Sydna Massé outlines the issues involving current “Silent No More” awareness campaigns as well as strategies that can be implemented to make efforts more effective in reaching post-abortive hearts with the hope of God’s healing and educating our society that abortion isn’t a good choice for women.

Recognizing the Jezebel Persona in Our Midst
Overview: Many individuals approaching your work may be battling emotional issues that could influence or even corrupt your ministry. Sydna Massé will share practical ways to understand disruptive heart issues within us and in others, discern when the enemy may be at work, and outline how to remove individuals that may threaten your work.

When They Abort Anyway
Overview: One of the leading reasons for “burn out” in pregnancy care centers is the discouragement that results when clients abort despite understanding the truth of this choice. In this booklet, Sydna outlines her own personal struggle in this area and offers insight into how to protect your heart and continue ministry when this grief attacks your heart. Topics include: the Lord’s plan in tragedy, praising the Lord in spite of tragedy, establishing “comfortable memories,” ministering to family members, withstanding their responses.

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