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Abortion is a topic that is well covered across all media channels and debated in public forums.   The research arm of Planned Parenthood (the world’s largest abortion provider), the Alan Guttmacher Institute, states that, “An estimated 33% of women will have at least 1 abortion by the time they are 45 years old

If one in three American women have experienced abortion, why is it that few ever share this secret publicly?  For many of these women, they fear the potential rejection that can result in making such a confession.  Many sit in silent prisons of pain, struggling directly with the traumatic impact of their past abortion at a spiritual, emotional, psychological and even physical level.  Ramah International has been working to help these women find peace and healing for the last 18 years at a faith-based level.

The summer 2015 video exposé of Planned Parenthood, by the Center for Medical Progress, has ignited the past abortion pain of many wounded hearts at a dramatic new level.  Ramah’s website and phone lines are now flooded with calls from those seeking to find peace with this past choice as a direct result of these videos.

In addition, recent social media campaigns like #shoutyourabortion and #1in3speaks have resulted from the ongoing efforts to defund Planned Parenthood.  These campaigns by abortion providers encourage those who are comfortable with their past decision to talk about their abortion.  Yet few will ever share this secret openly due to the potential judgment that may result from such a public confession.  Their silence speaks volumes about the hidden pain of this choice.

Since 1997, Ramah International has been one of the only world-wide ministries that has successfully expanded the ministry base of abortion recovery programs.  But much more needs to be done to reach the millions who could be struggling with this very real PTSD issue.

In order to meet this enhanced need for ministry referrals, Ramah’s 2016 training programs must be expanded to impact the amount of ministry services available to this wounded audience.  The funding from this crowd-raising campaign will assist our well-established 501c3 ministry to train and equip more to meet this enhanced need as well as provide books and other resources to those who are struggling with the pain of a past abortion decision. 

A matching grant is in place to match the first $10,000 given to this very needed ministry effort. We are hoping to raise $100,000.  Ramah provides tax-deductible receipts for all donations.

Ramah International’s Founder – Sydna Massé

In July of 1992, Sydna pioneered the public platform in sharing her abortion testimony on the Focus on the Family broadcast with Dr. James Dobson.  Sydna served as Manager of Crisis Pregnancy Ministries for Focus from 1991-1998.  During her time with Focus on the Family, Sydna managed two 700-person conferences for pregnancy centers at their Colorado Springs headquarters.  She developed the first monthly newsletter, HeartLink, to reach all pregnancy centers with encouragement, information and education.  Sydna and her team also responded personally to all abortion-vulnerable and post-abortive contacts, working directly with the Focus on the Family professional counseling team.

In that position, Sydna saw first-hand how little was available to those who were traumatized by their abortion decision.  In 1997 Sydna authored one of the well-respected book specifically for post-abortive women, Her Choice to Heal: Finding Spiritual and Emotional Peace After Abortion (David C. Cook Publishing) in January of 1999.  This book was revised and updated in January of 2009.  Companion resources were developed through Ramah International that allow this book to be used as a formal abortion recovery program.   Sydna is one of the few regular bloggers covering the topic of post-abortion pain and healing.

Sydna Masse is a well-respected leader of life-affirming efforts and a champion of the work of pregnancy centers.  She is also a sought after speaker at life-affirming events.  In their 18 year history, Ramah has made a real impact, providing excellent training events, resources and direct ministry to enhance abortion recovery efforts.

Please support Ramah’s efforts to do more to help abortion’s wounded hearts.

Watch Sydna’s Testimony:

Abortion Testimony – https://ramahinternational.org/abortion-testimony/

Abortion Healing Testimony – https://ramahinternational.org/sydnas-post-abortion-healing-testimony-video.html

Read Sydna Massé blog posts on all aspects of post-abortion pain – https://ramahsvoice.com

Listen to Dr. James Dobson and Sydna Massé discussing post-abortive pain along with their friendship over the years in endorsing Ramah International’s efforts:


What Christian leaders are saying about the work of Ramah International and Sydna Massé:

“For women who suffer from the emotional aftermath of abortion, Her Choice to Heal is a wellspring of healing waters. This is not a book to be read, but a book to be experienced. With deep empathy, Sydna Masse offers hope to those women who suffer from the emotional pain following an abortion. She points the way to healing through Christ.”

Gary D. Chapman, author of The Five love Languages and Love As A Way of Life

“In your neighborhood, your office, or in the church pew next to you, there are women who are silently suffering from the pain of a choice they made to end the life of an unborn child. It may have been years ago or just a few days ago. You may know the pain yourself. This is a book that can begin the process of healing the ache in your soul.”

Bob Lepine, cohost of FamilyLife Today

“The author cut right to the core of the personal turmoil a woman experiences after an abortion. Hope is given in a simple, step-by-step approach that assures women everywhere that they can find healing from these spiritual and emotional wounds.”

Beverly LaHaye, chairman of Concerned Women for America

“God is using Sydna Masse’s wounds to help heal the many women in this church who are suffering from the pain of abortion. Her Choice to Heal is an astonishing work of depth, sensitivity, compassion, and practical advice.”

Gary Thomas, author of Sacred Marriage

Her Choice to Heal is a rare tool in helping women who are struggling with the pain that often follows an abortion decision. Through Meier Clinics, we are increasingly coming into contact with post-abortive men and women who need direct ministry in grieving these children and coming to a point of peace through God’s redemptive love. This book is a great tool to help these clients understand the system we employ in processing this pain and move forward in embracing the healing that God provides.”

Paul Meier, MD, founder of Meier Clinics

“The word abortion brings judgment, shame, heartache, and defensiveness to the surface. The war regarding abortion is intense and dark and is seldom addressed with the clarity, compassion, and conviction of God’s mercy as found in this excellent book. Sydna Masse has offered those who have experienced abortion firsthand and those who love them a wise and kind path for healing. She is honest, hopeful, and passionately convinced that the love of God is stronger than death, and transformation surer than shame. I am profoundly grateful for this labor of love.”

Dan B. Allender, Ph.D., president and professor of Counseling Psychology at Mars Hill Graduate School and author of The Wounded Heart and The Healing Path

“Even though I’ve never had an abortion, this book has helped me. A must read for post-abortive women.”

Norma McCorvey, (Roe of Roe v. Wade) author of Won By Love

“A valuable contribution to tearing down the stone wall that too many women have built in order to hide the truth and the shame.”

Cal Thomas, syndicated columnist

“For those of you who have struggled with the guilt and shame of abortion, this book offers hope and healing. God’s blessing to Sydna for her courage to speak to the broken-hearted.”

Kathy Troccoli, recording artist

Ramah International is a non-profit, 501c3, faith-based ministry, founded in 1997, whose mission is three-fold:

  • To directly assist those hurting from a past abortion choice through communication, resources and local referrals,
  • To assist those currently considering abortion by connecting them to the local pregnancy center in their area (https://ramahinternational.org/help-in-your-area/),
  • To raise the level of awareness about Abortion PTSD (post-abortion syndrome) and the needs of individuals who have experienced abortion through all public mediums including social media campaigns,
  • To provide abortion recovery resources and training programs necessary to mobilize and equip those who are called to help those impacted negatively by a past abortion decision.

For more information on this ministry, visit Ramah’s website at ramahinternational.org.  To contact Sydna Masse, write to her at [email protected] or call 479-445-6070.  Ramah International is located in Fayetteville, AR.