Sharing The Secret of Abortion
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Written By: Sydna Masse

Sydna’s own personal calling from God to speak about her abortion is relayed in this booklet along with many other topics. These include: when to share and when to keep silent, the steps to confession, determining the call to speak publicly, the disadvantages/advantages of sharing, preparing for the public event, and sharing with family members. Whether you are post-abortive or working with these individuals, this booklet will be an asset to your heart!

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If “43% of women will experience abortion at least once by the age of 45 years” (‘Facts in Brief: Induced Abortion, The Alan Guttmacher Institute,, January, 2000), why is it that no one ever hears these women talking about their abortions? Perhaps the greatest element preventing individuals from sharing the secret of their abortion with family, friends or others is the fear that their confessions will lead to judgment and rejection.

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