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Written By: Sydna Masse

In Matthew 10:34-39, Scripture outlines that we cannot expect great family relations when we are God’s children. God didn’t ordain that we would have a peaceful family or that my relationship with my family members would be wonderful. He tells us that the opposite is what I should expect.

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Many in ministry don’t consider themselves a prophet. The simple definition of the word “prophet” is “one who delivers divine messages.” Anytime we share from the Bible or stand for a Biblical principle, we are delivering God’s divine message. That makes us all prophets. The Bible relays that prophets weren’t treated well, often ignored, and lived lonely lives. They delivered politically incorrect messages that made people uncomfortable and even angry. Sometimes the message cost them their lives. Seldom were they popular community figures. This “treatment” is what I call “hometown prophet syndrome” (or HPS). The purpose of this booklet is to help you understand this treatment, cope with it and learn to thrive under God’s protective arms.


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