Effective Ministry to the Abortion Vulnerable – Training Manual

This manual offers information to make you pregnancy center more effective in ministering to those who are considering abortion. This is a perfect tool for sidewalk counselors or others who come in contact with those who maybe considering abortion.


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Written by Sydna A. Massé

Ramah International is pleased to announce the release of Sydna Masse’s training manual, Effective Ministry to the Abortion Vulnerable. This book contains invaluable information to make your pregnancy center more effective in ministering to those who are considering abortion.

Current statistics outline that nearly 50% of pregnancy center clients have already experienced abortion.  Effective Ministry to the Abortion Vulnerable is a perfect tool for sidewalk counselors and others who come in contact with those who may be considering abortion.  Sydna Masse outlines a wide variety of topics, listed below, that outline how to interact with those who may be considering abortion multiple times.  It also is the perfect tool for pregnancy centers to use for training their staff, volunteers and board members to be more effective as well!

Topics include:

Post-Abortive Mindsets and Thinking Patterns – Provides and outlines basic post-abortive mindsets & ways to transition them to recovery programs along with talking points to use when they are considering abortion again.

Understanding the Millennial Generation - An outline of how millennial individuals think, act and communication as well as the best ways to reach them through advertising and social media.

Sexual Activity and Abortion-Vulnerability - How to identify from body language and initial discussion who is impacting an abortion decision and elements in a person’s life that contribute to abortion-vulnerability.

Pregnancy Test Dynamics - An outline of the lifecycle of an abortion decision in the average post-abortive client and how and why they consider abortion again and again. This chapter also includes detailed questions to ask during the testing period.

The Emotional Impact of Ultrasound on Post-Abortive Hearts - Understanding how an ultrasound can shatter denial about a past abortion decision and how to minister to these hearts.

Abortion Vulnerability in Life-Affirming Families – An outline of the situation that exist among the children of pregnancy center workers that makes them more vulnerable to abortion.

Reaching the Abortion-Vulnerable Male – This chapter outlines the difference between male and female clients at pregnancy centers and offers many ideas and suggestions to more effectively minister to potential fathers.

Utilizing Neutral Life Language – How to address those who may not be life-affirming in your center and community in outlining the work of a pregnancy center.

Cultural Impacts on Abortion Vulnerability - Individuals with a Middle Eastern background are very different from those with an American or European heritage. In this chapter, Sydna will outline ways to better understand the cultural aspects of your community in order to minister to abortion-vulnerable clients who may not necessarily be American.

When They Abort Anyway – Addressing Secondary Post-Abortion Trauma – In this chapter Sydna addresses ministry trauma along with an effective healing model for those with secondary post-abortion pain when clients choose abortion in spite of visiting a pregnancy center.

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