Behind Church Walls: Establishing Abortion Recovery Ministry Service

Written By: Sydna Masse

This booklet outlines the dynamics of abortion recovery ministry in churches,  specific steps to begin this ministry, ideas of advertising techniques and transitioning individuals from the altar call into the class.  It is a great tool for pregnancy centers seeking to expand ministry into supporting congregations.


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While pregnancy centers pioneered abortion recovery ministry efforts, based on the overall need for abortion recovery services, many churches are in the process of adding abortion recovery to their ministry services. This booklet has been developed to help and encourage congregations in this process. This resource is also a great tool for pregnancy centers who seek to expand their ministry efforts into congregations.

Abortion recovery ministry model must be adapted for the dynamics of each venue where it is offered.  It is quite different to minister to someone in a congregation where their family and friends may not know about their past abortion decision.  Confidentially issues are also different in a group setting where everyone attends the same congregation.  Pastoral perspectives are also important in advertising these classes within the congregation.  This resource outlines how to gracefully include the post-abortion element into sermons and address these confessions during altar calls.

Behind Church Walls also outlines many other dynamics, how to adjust each elements for deeper ministry impact,  an outline of how to advertise this ministry and transition wounded hearts from a sermon, during alter calls and eventually into a program.  Other topics included include:

•  A Firm Foundation
•  Partnering with Pregnancy Centers
•  Awareness Education
•  Pastoral Perspective
•  Accountability
•  Family Burdens
•  Alter Calls
•  Group Location
•  Abortion-Minded Contacts
•  First Contact: Advertising
•  Dispelling Myths
•  Advertising Channels & Methods