Pregnancy Center Banquet Speaker Keynote Speaker Sydna Masse

Sydna Masse Pregnancy Center Banquet Speaker for Hannah Pregnancy Resource Center of Magnolia, Arkansas October 2017

Pregnancy Center Banquet Speaker at Life Centers Crisis Pregnancy Center of Indianapolis, IN April 2008

Sanctity of Life Pregnancy Center Banquet Speaker Sydna Masse Fairfax, VA April 2013

Keynote Speaker Sydna Masse
In this two part series Sydna Masse joins Dr. James C. Dobson to applaud the heroes who work in the Pregnancy Center arena and are saving thousands of mothers, babies, and even fathers, from the irreversible devastation that abortion causes.

Sydna MasseAs a pregnancy center banquet speaker, Sydna Masse has been helping pregnancy centers, pro-life organizations and churches raise funds for their vital efforts since 1993. Sydna Masse schedules her own keynote speaking engagements. Email Sydna directly at [email protected] or call 479-445-6070 to book Sydna Masse as an keynote speaker at your next fundraising event. All Sydna’s pregnancy center banquet speaker honorariums go directly to Ramah International to support their efforts to reach wounded hearts and the abortion vulnerable.
Sydna Masse is a nationally recognized leader in the pro-life and pregnancy center movement and can relate her experiences to various audiences. These keynote speaker events include Pregnancy Center banquet speaker, women’s events, abstinence rallies, church services and more.
Currently Sydna Masse serves as President of Ramah International, a post abortion & abortion vulnerable outreach organization. She is the author of the book, Her Choice to Heal: Finding Spiritual & Emotional Peace After Abortion as well as many of the resources available through Ramah Resources.


Sydna Massé is internationally known for her initial work with Dr. James C. Dobson as Focus on the Family’s Manager of Crisis Pregnancy Ministries (1991-1998). Sydna currently serves as President & Founder of Ramah International, a post-abortion outreach and training organization (

The Founder of Ramah, Sydna Massé, experienced an abortion as a teenager while attending a private Christian college. She was one of the first post-abortive women to share her abortion journey publicly on the Focus on the Family broadcast (1992). Over the last 25 years, Sydna has likely heard more post-abortive testimonies than anyone else living in our world today and is one of the few experts on abortion related pain. She is a nationally recognized leader in the pro-life movement and can relate her experiences to various audiences, representing and educating on the post-abortive perspective.

Sydna’s professional credentials include:

Author of the book, Her Choice to Heal: Finding Spiritual & Emotional Peace After Abortion (published by David C. Cook, January, 1999 – Revised: 2009) and many other resources available through Ramah International.

Creator of one of the few abortion recovery programs relating to abortion’s pain and God’s healing – Her Choice to Heal Abortion Recovery Guide and Journey in Ramah devotional.

Sydna has been the featured speaker at hundreds of pregnancy center banquets, sharing her testimony to educate audiences on how abortion impacts women and why pregnancy centers are so important!

Sydna’s weekly blogs ( outline the emotional and spiritual impact of abortion. They are one-of-a kind writings, documenting post-abortion pain and healing at all levels, revealing the truth that God can heal abortion’s emotional and spiritual pain.

She is the originator of Ramah’s new healing website – – which will allow a free format for men and women to begin to address their abortion pain privately.

Through Ramah International’s seminars, Sydna trains an average of 1,000 pregnancy centers, sidewalk counselors and church leaders every year in being more effective with the abortion-vulnerable, particularly those who have already experienced abortion. Her method of delivery includes a detailed training manual along with real stories and examples, helping attendees minister more effectively to those considering abortion (

Sydna is one of the rare female CEOs of an international abortion recovery and pregnancy center non-profit organization. She holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communications from Michigan State University. She has been married to Tom Massé since 1986 and they have three adult sons – Bruce, Michael, and Daniel. They currently reside in Springdale, Arkansas.

Below are references from some who have had Sydna as a pregnancy center banquet speaker or a keynote speaker at their events:


It was an incredible blessing to have Sydna as our banquet speaker this year. She shares her testimony witl. grace and humility, spotlighting the redemptive work of Christ. Sydna did an amazing job and I am happy to say I have heard only positive comments from banquet attendees and Board members alike! Many attending our banquet said they hadn’t really understood the work we do or the impact we can have in the lives of our clients – Sydna opened their eyes. Our banquet was a huge success, surpassing our financial goal by $4,ooo!

Sydna continued to bless us with an outstanding training, once again sharing her story and the wisdom God has given her. With more than 95 pregnancy workers in attendance and representing 5 states, Sydna taught us, challenged us, and encouraged us in our care of abortion-vulnerable and post-abortive clients.

After spending two days with Sydna, I now consider her a friend. Getting to know her is easy, it is fun – you can laugh with her or cry with her. She is warm, approachable and genuinely interested in touching hearts with the love of Christ.

Having Sydna as our banquet speaker and as a trainer was a wonderful experience for our center – our staff, our volunteers, our donors and supporters. We were blessed not just the two days she was with us, we know those blessings will continue as we serve Christ with new knowledge, wisdom and compassion. THANK YOU SYDNA!

Together for Life,

Pam Burkholder
Executive Director
Expectations Women’s Center
Lewisburg and Williamsport, PA  570.321.8254 Ext. 3

“Sydna Masse, a friend of 20 years, was a keynote speaker at our annual Fellowship Dinner. As a long-time communicator myself, I’d like to make several observations about Sydna’s keynote speaker presentation:

  • Sydna was authentic and transparent. MANY told us afterwards how refreshing that facet of her keynote speaker was.
  • Sydna not only drew from her own experience but then effectively tied those life lessons in with our present pregnancy center work. This facet made her talk applicable.
  • Sydna’s post abortion story, especially discussing the impact on her boyfriend, touched the hearts of many men in our audience who are post-abortive and perhaps never knew there was a way to receive forgiveness and healing.

I would highly recommend Sydna as a pregnancy center banquet speaker for your next pregnancy center fundraising event. God will use her to help you laugh, cry and learn pivotal truths all at the same time.”
Blessings my sister,

Stan Kellner
Chief Executive Officer
Sanctity of Life Ministries
10380 Democracy Lane
Fairfax, VA 22030

Dear Sydna,
Thank you so much for your very difficult, very necessary, very God-driven, very personal message last night. You are a servant to the most high God and I was blessed to be with you.
The comments I’ve heard are all extremely positive, “wonderful pregnancy center banquet speaker.” There was a 31% increase in contributions and pledges compared to last year.
God is so faithful and I praise Him for your ministry. May you sense God’s presence in and with you as you go about your days.
Praising God,

Sue Tomasik
The Crossing Pregnancy Center
Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Dear Ramah Inernational,
I wanted to let you know that Sydna did an excellent job as our pregnancy center banquet speaker. We have heard so many positive remarks, about the way she drew people into her story, how she spoke sensitively and yet had an appeal that men could also relate to. She also wove in the ministry of our own pregnancy center to keep that front and foremost to our guests which our board members felt was a very positive quality.
We enjoyed having her as our pregnancy center banquet speaker and would highly recommend her to any other pregnancy center as a banquet speaker. I truly appreciate all your help.

Keri Muir
Executive Director
Choices Pregnancy Center

I highly recommend Sydna Masse as a pregnancy center banquet speaker for your next pregnancy center fundraising event. Sydna effectively and sensitively shares her testimony of abortion and healing, without being overly dramatic. Sydna relates well to her audience– both men and women have very positive things to say. In sharing her story, she credits God for the forgiveness and healing she has received.
As the director of a pregnancy center I found Sydna to be very interested in the needs of our pregnancy clinic. She truly wants to know what your goals are and she weaves them into her keynote speaker presentation. She is sensitive to the time limitations of a fundraising banquet. Sydna is a skilled and polished keynote speaker, yet very down to earth. Your audience will want to get to know her and she is happy to stick around to sign copies of her books and to interact with your donors.

Terry Winship
Executive Director
Care Net Pregnancy Clinic
Casper, WY

Thank you so much for a touching evening as our pregnancy center banquet speaker at our Fundraising Dinner last November. Our donors said you were engaging, direct, powerful and personal. As a pregnancy center banquet speaker you presented the pain of abortion so clearly, but left us with a message of hope. After your testimony many of the women who were suffering silently that evening are now experiencing God’s forgiveness, healing, and restoration through our abortion recovery program support group!
Blessings on you as you communicate the truth and destruction of abortion both to women, men, and their families.
For Life!
Gayle Allbritton, Center Director
Laurel Pregnancy Center
Laurel, MD

Dearest Sydna,
Obviously in this life time I could never thank you enough for your extraordinary efforts as pregnancy center banquet speaker for Life Choices and Faulkner County! I know you served as the Lord led and not for earthly praise or thanks, but I am compelled to communicate my gratitude in this simple letter, not just for the events you participated in as our keynote speaker, but for allowing God to use you in more ways than you may expect.
As you know, Pastor Henry Horton of Antioch Baptist Church in Conway, and I were working on bringing in a national keynote speaker separately when we realized we were working for the same objective. When Pastor shared with me that he wanted you to come for five days of ministry, I was thrilled to be involved.
Remember when I was fearful? It seemed like doors were closing to the public schools after an amazing first day. You taught me so much by your quiet confidence in God’s plan for your week here. I thought, “What have I gotten everyone into? I will never be able to pull this off.” Then your unselfish spirit calmed and challenged me. God said to me, “You haven’t gotten anyone into anything. I am moving people to hear Sydna’s message of regret and hope AND you don’t have to pull anything off . . . just keep up!” How arrogant I was to think I had done anything. God is so gracious to forgive and use us in spite of our many faults, to pick us up and dust us off and encourage us to keep going, keep doing, but remember Who is doing the “pulling off”!
How awesome that almost 1500 high school students heard your story of deep regret and consequences from not waiting for God’s best . . . marriage. And then to hear even in regret that there is hope! Every aspect of your time with us will have an eternal impact on this community.
I would recommend your ministry and the format incorporated here in Faulkner County, AR to anyone who wants to share the truth about abstinence, abortion, marriage, and hope within their community.
God moved . . .
Teens and parents listened . . .
We will never be the same!

Elaine Baldwin, Executive Director
Life Choices Pregnancy Center
Conway, AR

To Whom it May Concern:
Sydna Massé, President of Ramah International, has been the most effective pregnancy center banquet speaker we have ever had for our Annual Banquet and Silent Auction. Financially more gave and pledged than larger groups in the past. Overall, she was a phenomenal keynote speaker that spoke to the hearts of all who came.
Two examples follow:
We know of one young man who attended the event that was pro-choice. After hearing Sydna as our pregnancy center banquet speaker, he stated that he was enthralled by her presentation. It has caused him to reconsider his position from a new aspect.
A young woman who opened up this year about her abortion 11 years ago volunteered at the event. Although she repented, she still felt that it was the right choice for her situation. She stated after hearing Sydna as our keynote speaker that it caused her to see it in a new light. In tears she said she felt that no one understood what she went through, but Sydna’s experience was almost identical. It caused her to relate and begin the path of complete healing and restoration.
I would highly recommend Sydna as a pregnancy center banquet speaker for any event, fundraiser, volunteer training, donor appreciation, etc. Not only is she skilled at effectively reaching any age group, but as a pregnancy center banquet speaker her heart and genuineness bring about the truth in a powerful and loving way. We will certainly have her come back as a keynote speaker for more events to come!

Cecilia Kennedy
Executive Director
Confidence Pregnancy Center
Salinas, CA

Dear Sydna,
Thank you so much for your participation at Focus on the Family’s “Teacher in Focus” conference. Through the workshop was small, you obviously had a large impact on those who attended. The attendees commented that they really appreciated your sharing your story, and were more motivated to be sympathetic because of hearing it. As one attendee noted, “As a physician in a university setting, I will work much harder on the compassionate side of my pro-life stance as a result of this workshop.” Obviously that is just the kind of impact we hoped that you would have as a keynote speaker. Thank you again for all that you did to make this conference so special.

Tom Minnery
Vice President, Public Policy
Focus on the Family

Dear Sydna,
Thank you so much for being the pregnancy center banquet speaker at our Annual Dinner this year! Twice while you were talking, I managed to tear my attention away from you briefly to glance around the room. People were truly “hanging on your every word.” You made the feelings of a young woman experiencing abortion so clear. We have had wonderful comments from people who have attended our dinners many times saying things such as: “This is the best pregnancy center banquet speaker yet,” or “Sydna was so moving!” Sydna, thank you again. It was truly a pleasure to have you as our keynote speaker. We will continue to pray for you, for Tom and the boys and for your ministry!

Mona L. Ballard
Executive Director
CareNet Pregnancy Center of Berkeley

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge about Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS), and your incredible personal experience as our pregnancy center banquet speaker in November. As the President of Ramah International, you were able to communicate how very important this ministry is and how each individual can help support our pregnancy center work. Most importantly is how you gave the hope of a new future for those that can choose to heal. It was a blessing to get the responses from women that were at the banquet as well as the men. Some purchased your book and others knew they could go through our ministry outreach program. There was an overall understanding of why the post-abortive individual is important in pro-life efforts. We will continue to pray for you as you are called to be a keynote speaker for future ministries, colleges, debates or governmental committees. May you help them acknowledge that PAS is no respecter of persons in social economic classes!”

Debbie Wright,
Executive Director,
The Bradford Pregnancy Center

“I would like to thank you for once again being a guest on Beverly LaHaye Today. We are always glad to have you on the show to discuss post abortion syndrome and your own personal experiences. Your testimony that healing comes through Christ is encouragement to every women going through this. I know that our listeners appreciate your advice and insight into this issue. Keep up the good work and continue to stand for righteousness!”

Angela Phelps,
Producer, Beverly LaHaye Today,
Concerned Women of America

Below are some of the topics that Sydna can present as a keynote speaker at your next pregnancy center event.

Presented mainly for pregnancy center events and pro-life functions, as a pregnancy center banquet speaker Sydna Masse presents her personal testimony of having an abortion at 19 while attending a private Christian college. Sydna was the daughter of a Baptist minister who was dating the son of a Methodist minister when they joined the numerous ranks of young Christian couples turning to abortion clinics to “erase their mistake.”
The story of God’s grace through the following years and the power of the Holy Spirit to finally direct Sydna to a CPC’s post abortion ministry program are a testimony to the healing power and forgiving nature of our Creator. This is a message of hope and peace, which is rarely heard today in abortion discussions.

This story was featured in the January, ’99 issue of the Focus on the Family magazine, and the January ’00 issue of Christianity Today. In this talk, Sydna shares the emotional story of how the Lord led her to forgive the woman who murdered her friend and neighbor. This simple act of obedience led to the development of Ramah International’s prison post abortion outreach program. It is Sydna’s experience that 60-80% of women prisoners could be post-abortive. This stirring message of hope and forgiveness is suitable for any audience.

Developed for Focus on the Family’s “Life on the Edge” tour, as a keynote speaker Sydna speaks to younger audiences (teens and college chapel services) about her personal testimony of choosing to have an abortion rather than facing the consequences of a crisis pregnancy and how it affected her life. Transparently, Sydna speaks directly to those who are considering a sexual relationship outside of marriage as well as those who are sexually active as to why abstinence is the best option.

Sydna’s unique seven-year position as Manager of the Crisis Pregnancy Ministry for Focus on the Family allowed her to become an expert on a movement that is gaining strength and stature in the United States today. Highlighted facts include the areas of service Pregnancy Resource Centers provide, as well as a unique testimony of how a local pregnancy center led her back to the Lord after an abortion experience.
As a banquet speaker this presentation is filled with wonderful stories of how individual pregnancy centers have been used by God to affect many hearts with the gospel. It is perfect for pro-life retreats and conferences as well as pregnancy center banquets. Sydna makes a strong appeal to listeners to become involved in their local pregnancy center on a volunteer basis as well as providing prayer coverage and financial support.


  • The Power of Regret: post abortion and the Abortion-Minded
  • Are You Called to Ministry?
  • Avoiding Compassion Fatigue
  • Ministering on the Internet
  • Internet Web-Site Development
  • Abstinence Education in Your Community
  • Breaking Sexual Soul Ties in Clients and Volunteers
  • Understanding the Abortion Decision Making Cycle
  • Developing Your Ministry’s Strategic Plan
  • Reaching New Clients
  • Establishing and Enhancing your Post-Abortive Ministry Program
  • Developing Prison Ministries
  • Reaching out to Churched Women
  • Ministering to the Sexually Abused
  • Volunteer Training
  • Other Topics As Requested!

Sydna Masse as a pregnancy center banquet speaker schedules her own engagements. Email Sydna directly at [email protected] or call 479-445-6070 to book Sydna as a keynote speaker at your next pregnancy center fundraising event. All Sydna’s honorariums go directly to Ramah International to support their efforts to reach abortion vulnerable post abortive wounded hearts.

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