You Come Shining Down!

“Have faith in God,” Jesus answered. “... Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:22-25

Moving to Florida at Christmas was one of the hardest things God ever asked us to do. We had two and a half days to drive 2,000 miles and arrive at Grandmas before Christmas morning. We were set to close on the Florida house on Dec. 27. We had worked ourselves to the bone closing our Colorado house and preparing it for sale. To top that off, Ramah was broke and we had barely enough to make the move.

Several hours later we crossed the Colorado state line and the snow began to fall as darkness settled. The loneliness gripped me and I floundered because Tom was ahead in the moving truck. In desperation, I put on praise music and said, “Help God!” My faith was at its lowest level.

Keith Green’s song “Dust to Dust” came on to minister to me.

“Sometimes I wander around,
I get lost in the dark,
My faith starts to sway,
I don’t know what to do….
So I cry out to you.
And I reach out in the air.
And I call Your name,
And You’re always there.
And You send down Your light.
And You tell me,
Walk by faith not by sight.
And then You come shining down. ”

My mother called then asking me if I could see the moon. “Yes,” I replied. It was the largest moon in 125 years! God had clearly sent down His light in the form of a huge, magnificent moon to make our night bright. My faith was rejuvenated instantly. We arrived safely in time for Christmas morning and a donation of $3,000 was waiting for us as well.

The next time you are overcome with stressors that are too hard to handle, and are struggling with faith, call out to God. He meets us in humble prayers and will send His light to your soul to strengthen your faith.

3. “Dust to Dust,” words and music be Melody Green, 1984 For the Shepherd Music.