The Hero Inside of You!

Depending on their ages, my sons have made their way through different heroes from Barney to the Power Rangers and now to Michael Jordan. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes with different levels of fortitude. Many put Christian leaders on pedestals. Lately several PAS individuals who read my book have given me this title. It is in these critical times when I am sure to acknowledge that the real hero lies inside of me Ė Jesus Christ!

Itís essential to never take credit for the Holy Spiritís work through us. Iíve seen wonderful ministries die because of possessiveness and control issues in terms of Godís accomplishments through their leaders. On the other hand, many are intimidated by ministry and even fearful. I encourage these folks that this work has nothing to do with them! God has given us His Holy Spirit to do that work and all we need to be is obedient. It is an imperative element of our service that all glory is given to the Lord.

But God knows that we need encouragement from time to time. He sends special folks our way with a reassurance that they appreciate the way we have allowed the Lord to minister through us. II Peter 1:21 states, ďfor prophecy never had its origins in the will of man, but man spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.Ē Isnít it wonderful to be carried along by the God of the universe?

We have a light that this wounded world needs to see Ė a hero inside of us that they need to experience. Courage is something that the wounded need to face their past, pain and grief. You can help them take that first step and point them in the direction of Godís amazing grace. Next time you receive applause for your accomplishments, be sure to point towards Heaven and clap along with them!