Celebrating You!!!!!

“… Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness. Fight the good fight of faith…” I Timothy 6: 11-12

Louisa May Allcott’s book, Little Women, recounts a mother (Marmie) telling her daughter (Jo) that she has too many extraordinary gifts to ever expect to live a normal life. Sound familiar? Over the last ten years I have become an expert on the lives and times of pro-life ministry leaders – extraordinary gifting is a perfect description of most of them.

Some of your typical traits include: unwavering love for Christ, personal crisis pregnancy experience, non-judgmental attitude, servant’s heart, poor financially – yet rich, outgoing, tenderhearted, forgiving and kind. Many ministries are filled with Barnabus’s (encouragers), Paul’s (former prodigals) and Peter’s (fishers of men). Some have Mary’s who love to listen, and Martha’s who need to be busy. What a beautiful ministry balance God has created with each person He has sent to this movement!

You come from every walk of life and educational background – old and young alike – and have usually experienced the type of rejection from society that keeps one strong and tenacious in Christ. You are truly a remnant, which God has established to provide the world with hope.

God cares very deeply for you because you know His voice and obey His calling. While He may seem distant at times, His presence flows through you and His spirit will keep you strong!