About Sydna Masse

Sydna A. Massé

CEO & Founder, Ramah International
Author of: Her Choice to Heal: Finding Spiritual
& Emotional Peace After Abortion

Sydna Massé is internationally known for her initial work with Dr. James C. Dobson as Focus on the Family’s Manager of Crisis Pregnancy Ministries (1991-1998). Sydna currently serves as President & Founder of Ramah International, a post-abortion outreach and training organization (www.ramahinternational.org).

The Founder of Ramah, Sydna Massé, experienced an abortion as a teenager while attending a private Christian college.  She was one of the first post-abortive women to share her abortion journey publicly on the Focus on the Family broadcast (1992).  Over the last 25 years, Sydna has likely heard more post-abortive testimonies than anyone else living in our world today and is one of the few experts on abortion related pain.  She is a nationally recognized leader in the pro-life movement and can relate her experiences to various audiences, representing and educating on the post-abortive perspective.

Sydna’s professional credentials include:

  • Author of the book, Her Choice to Heal: Finding Spiritual & Emotional Peace After Abortion (published by David C. Cook, January, 1999 – Revised: 2009) and many other resources available through Ramah International.
  • Creator of one of the few abortion recovery programs relating to abortion’s pain and God’s healing – Her Choice to Heal Abortion Recovery Guide and Journey in Ramah devotional.
  • Sydna has been the featured speaker at hundreds of pregnancy center banquets, sharing her testimony to educate audiences on how abortion impacts women and why pregnancy centers are so important!
  • Sydna’s weekly blogs (ramahsvoice.com) outline the emotional and spiritual impact of abortion. They are one-of-a kind writings, documenting post-abortion pain and healing at all levels, revealing the truth that God can heal emotional and spiritual pain.
  • She is the originator of Ramah’s new healing website – (herchoicetoheal.com) – which will allow a free format for men and women to begin to address their abortion pain privately.
  • Through Ramah International’s seminars, Sydna trains an average of 1,000 pregnancy centers and church leaders every year in being more effective with the abortion-vulnerable, particularly those who have already experienced abortion. Her method of delivery includes real stories and examples, helping attendees minister more effectively to those considering abortion (www.pregnancycentertraining.com).

Sydna holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communications from Michigan State University.  She has been married to Tom Massé since 1986 and they have three adult sons – Bruce, Michael, and Daniel.  They currently reside in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Ramah International, 246 N Barrington Rd, Tontitown, AR 72770, 479-445-6070 – www.ramahinternational.org

Hello, I am Sydna Massé Founder and CEO of Ramah International and the author of Her Choice to Heal. I'd love to keep in touch and include you in our prayer chain as we continue to serve abortion's wounded and those considering abortion.Abortion Recovery Blog Sydna Masse

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